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This year why not start a Wildlife and Nature Diary

Date Posted: 02 January 2013

Spring is a Season of New Life and Growth, trees and plants are slowly waking up.

The dainty Snowdrop is a welcome sight and marks the start of the spring flowering bulbs.
This year why not begin a Wildlife and Nature Diary and record the signs of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as well as any interesting or unusual things that you might see. Don’t just limit your observations to the garden keep looking out for things perhaps if you go out for the day, during a visit to the park, whilst on holiday or even going to school, I am sure that you will spot something. Don't just limit it to the things that you see, listen as well, you may hear animals or birds. You could also get a scrap book or a box where you can put any interesting objects i.e. shells, feathers, fossils, rocks, leaves or seeds.
Why not put a Wildlife Camera in your garden, they can be installed in Bird Boxes and Nest Boxes and would mean that you are able to watch a bird’s life from nest building, egg laying, the eggs hatching, feeding of the young birds and then them fledging and all within the comfort of your home. These small cameras are not just limited to Bird Boxes and Bird Tables you could also put them in Hedgehog Houses, Bat Boxes and Insect Houses. A Bug Board is great new way to view insects, small mammals and reptiles. Place in woodland or a wild area of your garden and once sited the Bug Board will provide a microhabitat beneath it and after only 2 weeks it will be possible to inspect and view any interesting activity. Give it another 8 weeks and the inhabitants will be well established.
Here are some Spring signs that you can be looking out for at the moment: Frogs arriving in the pond and croaking, the first frogspawn, birds singing, birds with nesting materials and building nests, Spring Flowers (Snowdrops, Crocus, Hazel Catkins, Lesser Celandines, Primroses) if you spot anything write down the date as well, then you can compare it with next years diary.


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