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Great Ideas for Rainy Days!

Date Posted: 21 July 2011

Every season has its rainy days and our gardens wouldn’t grow too well without them and a wet day doesn’t mean that all thoughts of gardening have to stop!  So here are our top activities for a rainy day.

Design & Create a Gardening Poster

It’s the beginning of the gardening year and the perfect time to get the whole school community thinking about ways to get involved in this year's school gardening projects.  So why not advertise your plans and recruit some support with colourful posters around the school and local community?

If you ask for ideas and practical help it’s surprising how much untapped expertise there might be amongst staff, parents, grandparents and carers. Plus it’s a great way of getting everyone involved early on in the year.

So as a classroom activity get everyone thinking about the type of help that will be needed to get this year's gardening activities off the ground.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Practical gardening help to get beds dug over, weeding done and raised beds assembled
  • Expertise to help with plant selection, how to grow more tricky crops, etc.
  • Volunteers to man a watering rota over the school holidays
  • Fundraising ideas to help pay for equipment

Then in small groups, design and put together a few posters to display around and about the school and local area.  And if there are one or two that you are particularly proud of, why not email a photograph into us and we’ll post it onto the website!

Plant some Herbs on a Window Sill

Herbs are often shipped from far flung places to supply our supermarkets, but they are so easy to grow and taste so much better when you can eat them straight from the plant.  This Herb Growing Kit comes with a patented self-watering system, and sits nicely on a window-sill.  If you prefer a more natural look this Willow Planter is lovely.  This Herb Seed Selection includes four varieties of top quality seeds.

Take Part in the Summer Competition

Have fun with our summer competition.  Its free to enter, fun to do and the first correct entry out of the hat will win a great bundle of bird feeding goodies.  Click here for all the details on how to enter.

Enjoy a Good Book

On a rainy day there is nothing like a good book.  These two Pee Wee stories introduce children to the fascinating world of worms and composting.

Plan the Garden for Autumn Growing

Now is the perfect time to be planning the garden for autumn sowing.  This great selection of Growing Charts and Guides allows you to organise your planting. 

The Vegetable Planning Chart gives suggestions for simple garden layout, planning and ground preparation and successful crop rotation. There are ideas for successful organic gardening and the bar chart provides a visual guide to the time for sowing, planting and harvesting.

Sowing Seeds for Autumn

Making paper pots in time for autumn sowing, is a great indoor activity for children.  All you need is some newspaper and one of the paper potters

It's a lovely tactile activity for children and you will never need to buy another plastic pot!  Just plant you seeds in the paper pots and when the seed has grown into a sturdy plant just plant the pot into the soil.  As the plants roots grow the paper will break down, and that's the job done!

Fun & Games

Check out our Fun and Games section for lots more ideas and activities.

Bake Some Delicious Oaty Cookies

Kids love these delicious Oaty Cookies and the recipe is very easy, so depending on their age they can help out or even make them themselves. 

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