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This year why not start a Weather Diary and learn all about the Weather

Date Posted: 02 January 2017

Have you ever really thought about the weather?

Snowy Allotment
It is happening around us all the time, 24 hours a day, every day and all around the world. We sometimes take it for granted, but it affects all our lives including what we do, how and where we live, what we eat and of course the things that we grow.
This term why not have a look at the weather in more detail, start by installing a Weather Station which will give you up to the minute accurate information of your weather.
A Weather Diary is a great way to to record all the many aspects of the weather: Rain, Hail, Snow, Frost, Wind, Cloud, Sun, Temperature etc. not only by using the Weather Station but also by observing the weather as well, you could even take photographs of the weather or draw pictures, make it as simple or detailed as you like.
The weather can also be very dangerous and extreme; severe gales, flooding and prolonged periods of very low temperatures with ice and snow.
Why not cut out articles about any extreme weather events from the newspaper or even talk to your parents, friends or other family members and ask them about any extreme weather that they can remember or have experienced.
If you are able to continue your weather diary throughout the year and maybe in future years it would make an excellent record and you can compare your information each year and see if the climate is changing.
Try predicting the weather
After a few weeks/months of keeping your Weather Diary why not have a go at predicting the weather. The Met Office uses the latest technology to produce their weather forecasts, although they are not always 100% correct, why not have a bit of fun and ask your pupils to predict tomorrows weather or even next weeks.
The weather also affects our wildlife too especially any extreme weather, as an alternative or as well as why not start a Wildlife and Nature Diary have a look at the Family Zone for some ideas.

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