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Date Posted: 05 March 2011

As the garden takes on the look of Spring find a little inspiration here before you get started with your Spring gardening projects...


As the temperatures begin to warm the first new weeds of the year begin to appear, so keep an eye out and keep on top of the weeding before weeds begin to spread roots and become too established. Dig the soil over with a sturdy fork and use a hand trowel to tackle deeper roots.

Prepare the Ground
To make vegetable gardening much easier for adults and children alike install raised beds. Raised beds are easier to dig and maintain and also prevent the trampling of little feet. Soil temperatures in raised beds are often higher, so plants do better and crops tend to be bigger. Pests and weeds are also easier to control with this sort of system. 
For an excellent range of wooden raised beds that are easy to assemble take a look here.
Dig well-rotted compost from the compost bin, into the vegetable beds at a ratio of around two shovels per square meter. This will improve soil structure and nutrient levels.
Onion Sets, Shallots & Garlic
Perfect for little fingers to manage, sow onion sets, shallots and garlic directly into prepared ground – just keep an eye out to make sure little helpers plant them the right way up and you are on to a winner!
French Beans, Broad Beans & Peas
An absolute must when gardening with children, they are easy to grow and so much fun to eat straight from the plant. The large seeds are great for little fingers and one seed will grow nicely in a paper pot, which the children can make themselves using the clever paper potter.
Salad Crops, Lettuces & Radishes
Begin these on a window sill, and transplant to a cold frameor cloche as the weather warms. These crops can be sown throughout the spring and the first will be ready to harvest in May and June if you get your skates on! I recall that last year at gardening club the radishes were the very first crop to be ready and in true Peter Rabbit style the children harvested them with great gusto. Each child was then given a few to take home and Dora asked, for the first time in her life, for a radish salad for tea!
Early Potatoes
Perhaps the ultimate gardening delight for any child is the harvesting of the potatoes. The suspense and wonderment as after weeks of waiting (and hopefully watering), they are finally able to get their hands into the soil and find out what has grown. For all this delight in June and July sow early potato varietiesin potato growing bags now.
Tomatoes taste so much sweeter when you grow your own. Get them started now on a windowsill or in a heated propagator. Transplant on when the plants are strong enough to handle and if using an outdoor variety place in a sunny sheltered spot during the summer months. Other varieties will require a greenhouse, conservatory or in the case of our school a large porch, for good results. 
…And if the harvest continues on after the school summer term ends, why not give each member of the gardening club a plant to take home… or draw straws if the children out number plants!
We have a lovely selection of flower seeds to sow now, that include traditional favourites, Echinops, Callendula, Larkspur, cornflower and Pansy.
Instant Meadows
We sell a lovely range of annual Flower Meadow Seeds, which can be sown in borders or in one of our raised beds. The seeds need to be planted in prepared soil where they will flower.
Sowing can be done in March, April or even May.  Flowering begins in June and some varieties continue to flower through to November.  Each of our packets of seedcovers 2 - 3 meters and will provide a wonderful display of colour.  They'll also attract lots of bees and butterflies to the garden.
Sweet Peas
Sweet peas can be sown now on windowsills ready for transplanting our in April and May. So easy to grow, they provide beautiful colour and fragrant blooms all summer long, and will trail up fences, canes and other plants to create a lovely display.
It's Still a Good Time to Get Composting!
Now is a good time to set up a compost bin. With the growing season just around the corner, and all that weeding and pruning to be done throughout the spring and summer, a compost bin is the perfect way to recycle all of your garden material. …And in return, you will get a fabulous soil improver to dig into the soil. 
For a great range of compost bins take a look here. …Plus take a look at our Guide to Composting for lots of useful tips and hints.


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