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Jobs For Autumn In The School Garden

Date Posted: 03 September 2011

The best of the Summer sunshine may have gone but autumn in the school garden is a busy time.  Here are some ideas for things to be getting on with now....

Tidy Up
Now is a good time to begin tidying up all of the unwanted plant debris, dead heads and weeds.  If you don't already have one, why not get a compost bin.  This will store and recycle all of your garden waste, and provide an excellent soil improves for next spring. 
...And if your garden is lucky enough to have some trees in it, why not compost your autumn leaves in the handy Leaf Mould Composter.
Continue to harvest the crops as they become ready.  Onions, carrots, runner beans and beetroot all are ready around now, not to mention the harvest from the fruit trees, if you are lucky enough to have some.  
And these hessian Spud Sacks are perfect for storing potatoes over winter with no sweating or potato rot!
Sowing Plants For Winter
For some ideas of things to sow now take a look at our advice on Crops to Grow Now for a Winter Harvest.  Plus Linda, our resident gardening expert has provided some great advice for what to sow in the school garden during the autumn term.  Read her blog here for all the details.
Taking Care of Winter Wildlife
As the temperatures drop and food supplies become scarcer the autumn is a good time to provide a helping hand to the garden wildlife.  Take a look here for our favourite range of bird foods.
Leaving some untidy areas such of piles of twigs, provides important habitats for hibernating animals.  A specially designed Ladybird & Insect Tower, Insect Study Centre, or Hogitat are all great ways to encourage the wildlife to over winter in your garden.

Seed heads and unpicked berries can also provide birds with a handy supply of winter food.  And as an autumn project why not set up some bird feeders?  These will not only help young birds to survive their first winter, but will give children and adults alike, a great opportunity to watch garden birds close up!  Take a look at our favourite selection of Bird Feeding Goodies for more ideas.

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