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Gardening Jobs For June

Date Posted: 02 June 2011

Sowing New Crops
There is still plenty of time to sow crops in May and June, for harvesting later in the season. So if you have space and haven’t already done so, why not sow:
  • Courgettes
  • Pumpkins
  • Cucumber
  • Second cropping potatoes
  • Salad leaves
  • Lambs lettuce
  • Rocket

Have a look here for a good selection of seeds.

As crops are harvested, consider re-sowing salads to ensure an ongoing supply throughout the summer months.  If you are running out of growing space why not consider putting in a raised bed.  Easy to assemble the Recycleworks range is made from FSC wood and is very versatile.  And for your salad crops why not plant them in the Salubrious Salad Bed.  It can be placed just about anywhere and when the salad season is over, it is great for herbs. 
Planting Out Seedlings
Any beans, peas and broccoli grown in pots or trays can be planted out now. Also the outdoor temperatures are now high enough for more sensitive plants such as courgettes. 
Oh what fun, after all the hard work of spring, now is the time when some of the harvesting can begin. Initially, keep an eye on radishes, peas and salad crops. Try to pick them when they are at their best, and before the garden pests have started to have a nibble.
Early potatoes may also be ready for harvesting around now. The appearance of flowers is one sign to look out for. You can also dig down a little to get an idea of the size of the tubers. If they are still small, leave for a little longer, but keep on watering potato bags in particular as they dry out very quickly in the warm weather.
For crops such as rocket and cut-and-come-again lettuce varieties, keep harvesting little and often throughout the summer. This will stop the plants from bolting and will stimulate them to produce more leaves.
For harvesting soft fruit crops why not try this handy berry picker.  It helps save time and is particularly useful for tricky to pick crops such as gooseberries.  For children there is a handy smaller version.
Other Jobs…
  • As beans and peas grow, keep and eye on their progress. Use canes and twigs to support them and tie them up as needed.
  • For crops sown directly into seedbeds, check they have enough room as the plants become established. Thin out as necessary to ensure the plants have the space to mature
  • If growing fruit crops, cover with netting to prevent the birds from feasting before you get chance to harvest
  • Keep on top of the watering, as plants will do poorly if left to dry out. Always water during the early morning or evening, when temperatures are cooler. Also use mulches to cover the soil and prevent it from drying out where possible. For more information on how to save water in your garden take a look at the top 10 tips for conserving water provided by Garden Organic
And Why Not...

Have a go at growing your own edible play den.  It's fun to make, fun to play in and fun to eat...what could be better?  All you need to know is here.

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