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Have a go at our Christmas Quiz

Date Posted: 01 January 2017


1.   What is the name of Jesus's mother?

      a)   Margaret      b)   Mary      c)   Maureen


2.   What is the name of Jesus's father?

      a)   James      b)   John      c)   Joseph


3.   How did they travel to Bethlehem?

      a)    Car      b)   Bicycle      c)   Donkey


4.   Where was Jesus born?

      a)   In a stable      b)   In a house      c)   In a hospital


5.   Which animals were not present at the birth of Jesus?

      a)   Donkeys      b)   Polar Bears      c)   Sheep


6.   What guided the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem to visit baby Jesus?

      a)   A Sat. Nav.      b)   A Star      c)   A Road Atlas


7.   Who told the Shepherds to visit baby Jesus?

      a)   A policeman      b)   Father Christmas      c)   An Angel


8.   The Three Wise Men brought gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh and …

      a)   Gold     b)   Silver     c)   Diamonds


9.   Where does Father Christmas live?

      a)   Poland      b)   Portugal      c)   North Pole     


10.   What type of animals does Father Christmas use to pull his sleigh?

         a)   Horses      b)   Reindeers      c)   Donkeys


A 'Christmas' Robin


11.   What are Father Christmas's helpers called?

        a)   Dwarves      b)   Minions      c)   Elves


12.   According to the song, what colour was Rudolph's nose?

        a)   Orange      b)   Red      c)   Purple


13.   What type of pie is typically left out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve?

        a)   Apple      b)   Mince      c)   Steak


14.   Which vegetable do people leave by the fireplace on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas's Reindeer?

        a)   A Carrot      b)   A Cabbage      c)   An Onion


15.   Which Christmas bird has a red chest?

        a)   A Turkey      b)   A Robin      c)   A Goose


16.   What is the name of the snowman in the Disney movie Frozen?

        a)   Frosty      b)   Snowy     c)   Olaf


17.   How many points does a snowflake have?

        a)   3      b)   6      c)   12


18.   What was the name of the boy who was left at home alone in the Christmas movie 'Home Alone'?

        a)   Kevin      b)   Keith      c)   Harry


19.   What do you pull on Christmas Day?

        a)   A balloon      b)   A muscle      c)   A cracker


20.   How many doors are there on a standard advent calendar?

         a)   23      b)   24      c)   25


Mince Pies Med

Good Luck!

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