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Why not have a wormery in your School garden

Date Posted: 01 April 2016

Wonderful Wriggly Worms

Many children first experience wildlife in their garden by finding and holding wriggling worms in their hands.
Worms are fascinating creatures that are rarely seen, they live in our soil and at night drag dead leaves, and vegetation under the soil to eat, this food passes through the whole length of the worms body and is then excreted in the form of coiled 'worm casts' (poo) which you find on the soils surface, especially on lawns, these 'casts' are highly nutritious and feed the plants. Worms aerate the soil and improve its drainage by tunnelling in the ground this is also beneficial to plants, a worms burrow can be as deep as 150cm.
Worms can also be found in our Compost Bins where they work their magic transforming our unwanted garden and kitchen waste into valuable soil-enhancing compost, they will make their own way in if the Compost Bin is on soil.
Composting Worms Plus Bedding
Did you know that …
  • Worms have existed for over 600 million years. 
  • Worldwide there are about 34,000 different species of worms with at least 25 species in Britain. 
  • Worms come in all sizes, some of them are so small you need a microscope to see them whilst the longest earthworm is the African Giant Earthworm which can grow up to 6.7m long. 
  • Worms breathe through their skin which they must keep moist to absorb oxygen, if they dry out they will die.
  • Worms bodies are made up of muscular segments called Annuli. 
  • Worms are invertebrates, which means they don't have any bones.
  • Worms have small bristles on their bodies to help them to move and burrow. 
  • Worms can eat up to their own bodyweight in organic waste every day.
The Compact WOW Wooden Observation Wormery

Watch the Worm's world in a Wormery

To get up close to the fascinating world of worms why not install a wormery in your garden at school or at home. Our WOW Wooden Observation Wormery Worm Farm is perfect for the job, it is safe, easy to assemble with no nails, screws, or holes to dig, is available in two sizes (standard and compact) and will make an attractive feature in any garden.
Classic WOW Wooden Observation Wormery Compost Bin Worm Farm
Every WOW Wooden Observation Wormery Worm Farm comes with its own observation panel as standard, worms like and work best in darkness, excess light will burn their delicate skins, for this reason we provide a cover for the observation window.  When you want to take a look at all the munching and composting activity all you have to do is slide out the cover and catch the worms at work. Watch, photograph and make notes how the picture of decomposing organic waste changes from day to day and week to week.
 The WOW!© wormery with window cover in place
You can use the WOW™ from the moment it is erected. Just add organic material for composting as you would normally, vegetable and fruit trimmings, tea leaves/tea bags, small quantities of grass cuttings, leaf mould and coffee grounds for the worms to eat and plenty of damp bedding material, shredded newspaper, cardboard, leaf mould or old garden compost, making sure that there is more brown material than green material, especially if adding fruit waste.
Worms should come up through the soil and inhabit the Wormery naturally if it is positioned on to earth however Worms are available to buy if you want to get your wormery off to a flying start.
Worm accommodation: Worms have room to wander from food sources to places that are clean and earthy, for breeding. The wooden construction keeps the environment at just the right temperature.  The insulating properties of wood will keep the worms warm and also keep them cool, protecting them from the ravages of sudden temperature changes at night and seasonally, wood will not sweat.
Fresh compost tea can be made as you need it by placing a handful of compost in water for a day or two then use the fresh, sweet smelling diluted compost tea for plant food, after all the compost tea contains the same goodness as the compost from which it is made.

Convert your Compost Bin into a Wormery
If you already have one of our Compact or Classic Wooden Extendable Compost Bins you can economise by just buying the WOW Wooden Wormery Worm Farm Conversion Kit simply exchange the wooden side boards with the clear panels and cover. How cool is that?
  • A brilliant environmental and practical option for food/green waste.
  • Can be done all year round.
  • They do not take up much space.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Clean, safe and odour-free.
  • Observation window to watch the worms in action.
  • Produces free fertiliser/compost for the garden.
  • An invaluable educational resource for schools, colleges and at home.
We love our WOW Wooden Observation Wormery Worm Farm as do the worms, they are also very popular with Schools, Colleges, Educational Centres and families.
Love your environment – Love your worms



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