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Date Posted: 01 January 2016


School gardening supports many government priorities like sustainability, healthy eating, food in schools and Eco Schools, it is now becoming increasingly important for schools to have their own school garden.

A school garden is an outdoor classroom and a vital educational resource, it is a place where:

1. Children of all ages can sow, plant, nurture and grow all manner of vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees and learn how to identify and name them (Year 1 Science)

2. Children can study and observe the changes across the four seasons and the weather associated with each season (Year 1 Science)

3. Children can learn what plants need to grow healthily (Year 2 Science); their different parts and functions and the life cycles of flowering plants. (Year 3 Science)

4. Children can learn where and how the food that they eat is grown and how the food that we eat affects our health (Year 3 Science)

5. Children can learn about our environment, and the effects of human impact (both positive and negative) on the environment (Year 4 Science)

6. Children can connect with wildlife and learn about living things and their habitats (Year 2 Science) and life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds (Year 5 Science).

The School Garden plays an important role in teaching Science as illustrated above; there are many other ways that the School Garden can be utilised for other subjects within the National Curriculum: 


Reading & writing seasonal stories and poems
Making a gardening scrap book

Producing a school garden newsletter


Counting seeds, plants, flowers per plant etc
Using fractions & percentages i.e. Number of seeds that germinate
Measuring plant heights
Collecting rainfall measurements



Studying the water cycle
Making scale drawings and maps of the garden

Information & Communication Technology

Inputting data into the computer to produce graphs and charts
Investigating topics on the internet
Uploading gardening news onto the schools website

PSHE & Citizenship

Carry out sustainable activities i.e. rainwater collection, composting, recycling
Develop community involvement in the gardening activity
Carry out activities in teams with individuals having specific roles

Food Technology

Harvesting food and learning how to cook it
Discovering which foods can be eaten raw - peas from the pod etc

Art & Design

Making collages using natural materials
Taking inspiration from the outdoors for drawing & painting projects
Creating posters to publicise the garden for fundraising
Photographing the gardening year 

Physical Education

Getting exercise in the great outdoors
Learning about fruit and vegetables and healthy eating


Study of plants and their uses historically for eating, medicine, making dyes etc
Studies of gardening through history, i.e. dig for victory campaign

There is no doubt that the School Garden is an important tool for education, it is also a place for children to have fun, improve their social skills and work/play individually or as part as a team, there are no boundaries, each child is equal regardless of their religion, background, ability or disability, gardening is rewarding and should be available to all to enjoy.

Getting started

Autumn/Winter an ideal time to plan, create and prepare your School Garden ready for Spring, if you have not got a school garden it may seem like a daunting task but help is on hand: 

1. The Gardening With Children website

Gardening With Children is an educational interactive website for schools, associations and families, it was launched in 2009 and is a very popular and invaluable resource for Schools, it is packed with lots of valuable information:

  • What to do in the garden each Month/Term/Season
  • Growing guides
  • Seasonal recipes
  • How to observe and care for Wildlife
  • Fact Sheets
  • Indoor Crafts and activities for children
  • Regular free competitions
  • Outdoor activities
  • Seasonal Celebrations

Click here to have a look at our ‘Guide to setting up a School Garden’ which contains advice and information on Planning, Funding, Location, Tools and equipment to help get your school garden off to a good start.

On Gardening With Children there is also an ‘Ask an Expert’ section, so if there is something that you need to know or you would like some advice just ask one of our experts who will be happy to help. Click here to ‘Ask an Expert’.

    Join the GWC Club

2. The Gardening With Children Club

The Gardening With Children Club was launched with the Gardening With Children website in 2009, and is open to Schools and Community Associations that support children and families (including grandparents, aunts and uncles), carers and child minders so that everyone in the family can enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer, now with over 1000 members worldwide who share the same interest and passion for gardening, wildlife and the environment.

Members benefit from regular Special offers and discounts as well as the opportunity to enter exclusive member competitions with the chance to win wildlife/gardening prizes and receive via email weekly/fortnightly blogs with help and information to keep them busy indoors and outdoors as well as Seasonal Newsletters with lots of fun activities to make, cook and do.

How can you join?

The Gardening With Children Club is FREE, simply click on the 'Join the Gardening with Children Club' icon that is shown above or on the pages on the Gardening With Children website, fill in and submit your details on the application form.

You will receive a welcome email and an email with your special membership number that you should quote when entering competitions or taking advantage of our discounts or offers. 

3. Gardening Works

Gardening Works have a website packed with everything you need to set up your school garden, from polytunnels to tools, fruit cages to compost bins, you can even buy ready to plant vegetable plants, fruit bushes, herbs and salad crops.

Wheelchair Easy Access Raised Beds

Gardening Works specialise in award winning high quality Wooden Raised Beds, which are perfect for Schools; allowing easy access for planting, tending and harvesting crops, great drainage, and heights to suit a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Supplied flat pack they are very easy to assemble and with various sizes available will fit in any space or on any flat surface (soil or hardstanding) within your school grounds.

A large selection of Wildlife products will attract birds, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, bats, insects, butterflies and bees to your garden which you can observe, study and learn all about.

Help and advice is only a phone call away, call the sales team on 01254 820088.

Click here to view the full range of products.



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