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Summer Activities for Children

Date Posted: 15 July 2013

Summer has arrived !!!

Here are some suggestions to keep the children entertained during the Summer months:

With Flowers

There is an abundance of flowers in the garden so why not make:
Daisy Chains
Find a good spot with lots of Daisies, pick the ones that have a long stalk. Take your first flower and split the stalk about halfway down with your thumbnail and insert the stalk of your next Daisy through this hole, then make another hole in the second Daisy’s stalk and then insert another flower and continue until you have a long chain. Children may need some help making the holes in the stems if their thumb nails are not long enough. You can turn your chains into necklaces, bracelets and hair decorations.
Crystallised flowers
If you are having a Birthday Party, Garden Party, BBQ or a family get together this Summer why not personalise your cakes or deserts with Crystallised flowers from your own garden they can be made up to two weeks in advance and look stunning.
Click here for full instructions to how to get the best results.
Pressed Flower Pictures, Cards and BookmarksFlower Press
Using a Flower Press to preserve flowers, leaves and grasses is easy and fun, follow some simple steps, then enjoy making your own flower pictures, cards and bookmarks, why not do it in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to record the Seasons.
Click here for full instructions to how to get the best results.

In the Garden

Grow some new potatoes for Christmas
If you planted some seed potatoes in the Spring you should now be harvesting and enjoying your crop, if you want to enjoy that same delicious flavour with your Christmas Dinner you can plant some more now in potato bags on your patio, balcony or by the back door.
Click here for full instructions to how to get the best results.
Make miniature garden
Gardens can be any shape or size from ‘park’ size to ‘window box’ size, why not go one step further and make a miniature garden.
You will need
  • A Suitable container for your garden: plant pot, bucket, old washing-up bowl, dish or a large plant pot saucer
  • Compost/Garden Soil
  • Tiny Plants, Moss, Grass, Mustard/Cress Seed, Grass Seed
  • Pebbles, Swigs, Sand
  • Small Toys, Figures, Animals
What you need to do
  1. Fill your container with compost to within approx 2cm from the top.
  2. Begin planting, have a look around your garden for small plants that can be easily moved and planted, you may find a lot of small seedling that have been self sown. Moss, Grass or Grass seed can be used to make a lawn.
  3. To make a mini pond use a smaller container/saucer/coffee or jam jar lid and fill with water or use a small mirror.
  4. Create paths with pebbles and sand and fences with twigs.
  5. Add your favourite Toys, Figures, Animals.
  6. Fill in any gaps with Mustard/Cress seeds.
  7. Carefully water your garden.
Go on a Bug Hunt
Your garden however big or small if teaming with insects and wildlife whether they are flying, crawling on the ground, hiding under stones or logs, in the earth or living on trees/plants or buildings they are there and just waiting to be discovered. This is one of my favourite activities and one that we do quite often not just in our garden but whilst we are on holiday too.
For a guide on what you will need, where to look and what you may find click here.
Have a look into the world of MothsElephant Hawk Moth
These balmy summer evenings are perfect for attracting and watching moths in your garden, the current high temperatures may also bring in some rarer species such as the Hummingbird Hawkmoth from the continent. Why not make your own moth trap and see what is flying around at night when you have gone to bed.
Click here for instructions and pictures of some of the moths that you might see.

In the Kitchen

This year there is a bumper crop of fruit, let’s make the most of it and enjoy it whilst it is at its best, why not turn it into:
All are delicious, simply click on the title for the full recipe.
Enjoy the Summer - have fun!


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