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School gardening supports many government priorities like sustainability, healthy eating, food in schools and Eco schools.

Contact with the natural world can also be wonderfully nurturing for children, as they make connections with natural environment, learn about the cyclic nature of the seasons, and begin to find out more about where their food comes from. It is often the children who find it hard to engage in the classroom, who really come into their own and are able to shine in the physical activity of the outdoors.

There are a whole myriad of ways in which the national curriculum can be delivered through school gardening. Here we give you just a flavour of what’s possible and include some useful links to more resources.

Area of National Curriculum Examples of Gardening Based Activities
English Reading & writing seasonal stories and poems
Making a gardening scrap book
Producing a school garden newsletter
Mathematics Counting seeds, plants, flowers per plant etc
Using fractions & percentages i.e. Number of seeds that germinate
Measuring plant heights
Collecting rainfall measurements
Science Investigating what plants need in order to grow
Observing the life cycle of a plant
Watching and recording changes in the garden through the seasons
Creating habitats for wildlife and watching the results
Making weather observations through the seasons
Geography Studying the water cycle
Making scale drawings and maps of the garden
Information & Communication Technology Inputting data into the computer to produce graphs and charts
Investigating topics on the internet
Uploading gardening news onto the schools website
PSHE & Citizenship Carry out sustainable activities i.e. rainwater collection, composting, recycling
Develop community involvement in the gardening activity
Carry out activities in teams with individuals having specific roles
Food Technology Harvesting food and learning how to cook it
Discovering which foods can be eaten raw - peas from the pod etc
Art & Design Making collages using natural materials
Taking inspiration from the outdoors for drawing & painting projects
Creating posters to publicise the garden for fundraising
Photographing the gardening year 
Physical Education Getting exercise in the great outdoors
Learning about fruit and vegetables and healthy eating
History Study of plants and their uses historically for eating, medicine, making dyes etc
Studies of gardening through history, i.e. dig for victory campaign

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