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Date Posted: 01 June 2012

Here at The Recycle Works we are proud, privileged and very excited to be able to supply to you ‘Garden on a Roll’ this new gardening concept couldn’t make gardening any easier.
Garden On A Roll
‘Garden on a Roll’ takes the guess work out of designing your garden by providing a unique planting plan on a roll as well as supplying all the top quality plants needed, planting instructions on a DVD, fertiliser and packets of Seeds.
Raised Beds - Standard
All the ‘Garden on a Roll’ kits are adaptable to our own Raised Beds making them perfect for Patio Gardening and in Schools.
Award winning gardener and designer Antony Henn who created this innovative product has produced for The Recycle Works an Edible Garden on a Roll’ which combines soft fruit, aromatic shrubs, and herbs, making it perfect for kitchen and barbeque cooks. Not only will this border look, smell and taste good it is also beneficial to bees, insects and wildlife too. The fruit bushes will produce fruit year after year adding height and structure to the bed whilst providing enough space for vegetables and herbs to be planted underneath. This is a great product for people who would love to grow their own but are not sure where to start and can also be extended as your confidence and enthusiasm grows. 
The Edible Border
As well as the Edible Border ‘Garden on a Roll’ Kits are available in 3 other planting schemes and all are available in varying widths and lengths.
 A Cottage Garden border
A stunning mixture of perennials, roses and traditional shrubs providing beautiful flowers in spring, summer and autumn as well as autumn colour and attractive seed heads and stems in winter. This border is not just beautiful to look at but also provides a source of nectar for bees, butterflies and insects as well as a wildlife habitat when the border matures.
 A Sensory Border
Containing a selection of herbs, aromatic plants and shrubs this border is ideal for schools and great for children who will love the fragrant flowers and tactile leaves of plants such as Sage, Thyme and Lemon Verbena which release their delicious aroma when touched. Many of these plants have culinary or herbal uses. This border needs a sunny position and well drained soil for the plants to thrive and give off their wonderful perfumes.
 Setting out your GardenOnARoll
Everyone loves wildlife and wildlife will love you too as this border contains lots of nectar rich flowers and shrubs to help our struggling bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Pyracantha and Cotoneaster produce berries loved by birds as well as providing a wildlife habitat when the border matures.
Gardening couldn’t be easier; this really is a great idea that saves you time, effort and money spent on unsuitable plants and everything you need including Raised Beds and Compost and Tools/Equipment can be delivered to your door.

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