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Spring Half Term Holiday Fun

Date Posted: 08 March 2012

Holiday Fun

With the half term holidays just around the corner, here are some things that you could do.

For Valentines Day (14th February) why not cook from the heart and do a spot of baking for your loved ones, I am sure they would appreciate some delicious home cooking. Baking is a lovely family activity with a delicious end result. As it is Bramley Apple Week 5 th -12 th February why not make our delicious Bramley Apple Crumble and celebrate this great British apple.
Plant an apple tree

If the weather is favourable why not plan ahead and plant an apple tree so that you will be able eat your own home grown apples click here for details.

Put up some Nest Boxes
If you love birds why not treat them by putting up a nest box or two as starting on Valentines Day until 21st February it is National Nest Box Week. Organised by the BTO to encourage people to put up nest boxes in their gardens, schools or green areas to help our birds, for more information take a look at our blog
Go outdoors and ‘Spot Spring’
If the weather is good why not get outside and see if you can spot any signs of Spring. Things to look out for are Frogs arriving in the pond and croaking, the first frogspawn, birds singing, birds with nesting materials and building nests, Spring Flowers (Snowdrops, Crocus, Hazel Catkins, Lesser Celandines, Primroses) if you spot anything write it down and also include the date as well, or put it in a Wildlife and Nature Diary
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Fun and Games
If the weather keeps you indoors check out our Fun and Games section for lots more ideas and activities.
Windowsill Gardening
Why not grow some seeds on the windowsill, our new Mini Propagator Kit is ideal for small ‘green fingers’, it is available on its own or in a kit with seeds and compost. This is an ideal children’s first mini propagator and would make a great and unusual birthday present (why not get organised and buy a few for those last minute party invites). Herbs are ideal to grow on the windowsill they not only taste and smell wonderful but are very attractive too, start them off in a Propagator to give them a head start then transplant into a larger herb pot or if warm enough outdoors into an attractive willow herb planter which can be kept somewhere handy by the back door.
Pebble Pets
If you go out for a walk why not collect some pebbles, smooth ones are best but it doesn’t matter what shape they are. When you get home give them a good wash and let them dry.
You will need:
Acrylic paint (various colours), Small and medium paintbrushes, Marker Pens, Joggle Eyes, Children’s glue, Cotton Wool, Pieces of wool, Pipe cleaners, Coloured paper or card.
Get creative:
Some shapes of stones may lend themselves to certain animals e.g. a triangular one could become a mouse. Paint the stone in your chosen colours and leave to dry. Next glue on noses, tails, legs etc. using pieces of wool, pipe cleaners or cotton wool and ears cut out of the card or drawn on, then make a face using the joggle eyes or by simply drawing eyes, noses or mouths on the stone with a marker pen.
Here are a few suggestions:
Mice with long wool tails, Spiders with pipe cleaner legs attached underneath the stone and bent up and then downwards, Rabbits with cotton wool tails, Lambs with cotton wool bodies, Cats with wool/pipe cleaner tails and whiskers.
Great days out
If you are stuck for ideas for a day out have a look at where you will find some great places to visit and things to do near where you live, it also includes information on free days out.

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