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This Zone is for stimulating ideas for the class, a collection of helpful fact sheets, cool competitions and fun things to do on a rainy day. What to do on the allotment or if you're thinking on a smaller scale, what to put in the window box? How to do it? When is it best to do it? It is a resource of project ideas, funding information, curriculum notes and hopefully a little inspiration too.

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As we all know and perhaps remember from our own childhood, memorable learning experiences can stay with us throughout our lives and can really influence the adult that we become.

School gardening projects are a great way to get children exercising out in the fresh air, and the Governments' Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto, launched in 2006 recognised the importance of young people experiencing the world beyond the classroom as part of their learning and development.

So maybe you want to begin with a small vegetable plot, grow a raised bed of wildflowers for bees and butterflies or start a school composting scheme. Here you will find out just what is needed to get you started. Much of the content of will work for both children and people with learning difficulties. Ask our experts anything, we will get back to you very quickly.

If you are already a Flagship School or have an active Gardening Club and Eco-Warriors in abundance with lots of enthusiasm, we would love to share your experiences with other schools. Please submit your notable experiences and pictorial news for blogging. We'd love to share your fun and spread the word. Oh, and naturally there is information on setting up an observation wormery too, and how to source many of the things you need for gardening with children.

We really look forward to meeting you and your children and sharing your enjoyment.

Love Your School Days - Love Your Environment!

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