Gardening with Children

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Hi Everyone!

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Would you like to tease your brain with our word puzzles, play an eco game or learn how to grow your own dinner? Well you'll find all that and much more here!

There are also some great competitions, some for schools and some you can do with your family. Plus check out our fascinating facts and see what you can discover.

If you're interested in growing things, why not get the rest of the family involved too. From a little plant pot to a full sized allotment, gardening can be lots of fun. And don't forget to ask your older relatives as well. They often know lots and might just love to help out.

If along the way you have any tricky questions, help is at hand. If you get in touch we will try to answer them for you. Plus if you have any stories or photos of your gardening exploits why not send them in. We love photos that tell a story and you might just get to see them right here.

Love your Environment! Love your Garden!

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