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Gardening Jobs For July

Date Posted: 29 June 2011

July is the month for picnics, country walks and trips to the seaside.  ...And the vegetable garden is a place of plenty at this time of year, so spare a little time for tending, harvesting and sowing crops for autumn.

For a little help along the way, here are our top gardening jobs for July.

  • Watering

Keep all your crops well watered.  Potatoes and tomatoes in particular, take up lots of water when they are producing their crops, and runner beans are more tender and plentiful if watered regularly.  The Slim Jim Water Butt is perfect for capturing rainfall ready for use later during drier spells. 

Remember containers in particular are susceptible to drying out and Rain Gel Water Storage Granules will help to hold the water around the plant roots for when it's needed.

  • Harvesting


Lift onions sown last autumn along with early potatoes and shallots.  Harvest fruit bushes including gooseberries, currants and strawberries.  The brilliantly designed berry picker can help you pick up to 10 times faster, so is a huge time saver!  Begin to pick tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes.  With courgettes in particular pick them before they grow too big.  Harvest abundant herbs for drying.  The herb and fruit dryer is great for drying herbs in optimum conditions.  Trim sage and thyme plants after flowering

  • Sow New Potatoes For Christmas

Sow new potatoes this month for a tasty crop in time for christmas.  Take a look at these tasty, trouble-free varieties which are perfect for the job!

  • Sow More Vegetables

To extend the growing season continue to sow seeds now.  Beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, radish, rocket, spinach and autumn cropping peas are all suitable for sowing in July.  Now is also a good time to sow herbs.

  • Protect Against Pests

Slugs can cause terrible damage if left to their own devices.  Slug Gone natural, pure, organic wool pellets will deter slugs and is safe for children, pets and garden wildlife.  Protect developing fruit from birds using Fruit Cages.

  • Tend Tomato Plants

If your tomato plants are still small, place Tomato Pot Rings around the base to encourage healthy root growth.

Continue to pinch out tomatoe side shoots and when the plants are 5 to 6 trusses high pinch out the centres.  Feed every week to ensure a good crop of tomatoes. 

Train and tie tomatoes and cucumbers using these perfectly designed Cane Growbag Frames .

  • Cultivate New Strawberry Plants

Peg down strawberry runners into pots of soil to allow the new plants to form roots.  Then to make good use of the plants transplant them into one of these strawberry tables.


Designed to keep your strawberries safe from unwelcome predators, the strawberry table can be placed wherever you wish!  Simply bolt it together. 


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