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Date Posted: 01 August 2011

With the harvesting in full swing, watering to do, sowing seeds for the autumn a priority and holidays to fit in too, August is still a busy time in the garden. 

Keep Plants Watered
During periods of dry weather, it’s important to keep the garden watered, if flowers and vegetables are to survive and thrive. It is best to water during the early morning or evening to prevent wilting and excess water loss through evaporation. If you are in need of a watering can take a look at this superb selection from Haws.  I got my first Hawes watering can earlier this year and it is fantastic - well made and brilliantly designed!
During these times of hosepipe bans avoid using water straight from the tap. Instead make use of a water butt. Plants are also more than happy with used water from the sink or bath so make use of that too.
Keep Flowers Looking at their Best
To keep flowers looking at their best dead head them as the blooms fade and this will encourage new flowers to grow. If you have flowering sweet peas keep picking them for the house. This will stop them going to seed and prolong their flowering period.
Plant Bulbs for Spring
Winter still feels like a long way off, and spring is even harder to imagine, but now is a good time to sow daffodils and crocuses. A lovely activity to do with children, the bulbs will sit quietly in the soil and just when they are long forgotten they’ll appear to make a beautiful display to cast off winter.
A busy time for harvesting, there is a lot in the vegetable garden to pick around now including potatoes, salad crops, runner beans, peas, courgettes and sweetcorn. …And for seasonal recipe ideas take a look at our Blog.
When gardening it’s always good to have an eye to what’s around the next corner, and as the summer harvest reaches its peak, I think about things to sow for winter. For a selection of salad leaves throughout the winter months sow the Winter Salad Selection, and sow Christmas Seed Potatoes in containers now for a crop ready to harvest in time for Christmas day. Winter spinach, swiss chard, spring cabbage and turnips are also good crops to sow for winter harvesting.
Collect Seeds
Many garden flowers and vegetables will be producing seeds at this time of year, and children so enjoy collecting them. The seed pods should be allowed to ripen and can then be collected on a dry day. Remove the seeds from the pods and pop them into a paper envelop or bag. Label them and then stored somewhere cool, dark and dry ready to be used next year. For a beautiful selection of steel seed storage boxes click here.
Cut Back Herbs
Keep an eye on herbs as they can bolt at this time of year, and cutting them back will encourage new growth.

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