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Date Posted: 04 November 2009

We have a number of Brownie Groups regularly visiting Gardening With Children and one recently contacted us for information.  So over the next few weeks we will be giving lots of great ideas for ways to help the environment and you might be able to win one or two of your Brownie Badges along the way.   


Do Your Bit for the Environment - Start RecyclingIn the UK over 25 million tonnes of waste goes to landfill each year, and we have enough landfill sites to fill an area the size of Warwickshire.  That's a scary thought.  So recycling is so important, and where better to start than in your own home!

environment badge

It's great to see that the Brownies take recycling seriously to.  If you're in a Brownie group why not start recycling cans, glass, plastics, paper and card at home and you could win your Environment Badge.

Wash out used cans and bottles.  To save space crush your cans in one of these handy Can Crushers, separate the recyclable material into a Set of Recycling Bins , and when you have enough leave out for collection or take to your local Waste Collection Centre.  And for a fabulous guide to recycling, take a look at the  Refuse Collectors & Recyclers DVD .  Suitable for children aged between 3 and 8 years, it includes practical advice on recycling along with a fun education section, with imaginative ideas for role-playing, singing and games.



Carry out an Autumn StudyWhy not have a go at getting your Seasons badge by doing an autumn study.Know which fruits and vegetables are available in the autumn. Make something to eat using one of them, like blackberry pie or toffee apples, to share with your Six.Make a scrapbook or poster about animals that hibernate in this country and around the world. You can use photos and drawings as well as information.With an adult you know, spend time looking at the stars and point out at least two constellations.


Use fallen natural objects, like conkers, acorns or leaves, to make a collage or decoration.

Grow Your Own & Win Your Gardening Badge


To win your gardening badge you will need to grow four kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs or annual flowers from seed or bulb. Transplant the seedlings then tend and train them as necessary.  Then use what you have grown in a recipe at home. 

Why not use these great Willow Herb Planters to grow your seeds?  For growing bigger quantities of herbs, salad crops and bulbs there is the larger Willow Salad Planter or these Wooden Salubrious Salad Beds are brilliant for putting just outside the kitchen door.  Made from FSC wood they are easy to assemble and are treated with non-toxic preservative... And for growing on a larger scale there is a fantastic selection of Raised Beds to choose from.


And for a fabulous selection of children's gardening tools for the job take a look at the Apprentice Range from the Recycleworks Ltd.





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For more information about Brownies check out the Girl Guiding Website here.



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