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Great Ideas for Rainy Days!

Date Posted: 01 April 2010

 Great Family Activities For Rainy Days

A wet day doesn’t mean that all thoughts of gardening have to stop.  It’s a good opportunity to make plans for what to do in the garden next.  So why not have a look at our family activities, play some of our environmental games or have a go at the latest competition.

Family Craft Activity – Create a Plan of the Garden

A great way to get the children involved in the garden, is to let them have a say in what to grow, and if space allows, to give them a small plot, window box or planter of their very own.

At this time of year when the garden is still fairly dormant, it’s a great time to sit down as a family and decide what you would like to grow this year and where.

Then as a craft activity the children might like to make the ideas into a colourful plan of the garden, complete with vegetable plot, flower beds, area for containers, a little space for them perhaps and including drawings of all the things the family would like to grow.  And if you are proud of your garden plan why not email us a photograph of it and we’ll put it on the website!

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