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Date Posted: 22 January 2009

Growing Vegetables on Raised Bed System

If you have always wanted to grow some vegetables for your own use and have never got around to it, either because your garden has limited space or you are not keen or able to do digging, then why not consider using a raised bed system. Our raised beds our simple to install - they simply slot together, so no need for a hammer, nails or digging! Because they are above ground level, drainage is never a problem. They are made from FSC wood and are all pre-treated with a non-toxic preservative.

What sort of raised bed should I use?

There are a variety of raised beds available, starting with our 'Economy Plot' - this comes in two versions, Standard and Deep to suit your needs. There is a children's version, which comes with a selection of seeds and a bamboo wigwam, so you can grow runner beans.

For the more adventurous gardener, then our Raised Beds might be the option. Again these come in two versions - Standard and Deep. The Standard is ideal for growing shallow rooted vegetables, whereas the Deep Raised Beds are ideal for vegetable with deep roots like parsnips and carrots.

These raised beds are modular and so you can add on extra modules to extend your system.

But I don't have enough space for a raised bed!

Then why not consider one of our 'Salubrious Salad Beds'. These are a smaller version of their bigger cousins and are designed for giving you a constant supply of fresh sald leaves throughout the season. They measure L76cm x W39cm and so will sit quite snuggly outside the backdoor. They come with a selection of salad plant seeds, the combination of which, you can choose for yourself.

I don't have a greenhouse - where can I germinate my seeds?

There is always the window sill option - but if this not practical, why not consider a Wooden Cold Frame. Like the raised beds, they simply slot together and come in two sizes, Standard and Deep (for bigger plants). They come with a clear polycorbonate top to allow all the suns rays to keep your seedlings cosy and which will not shatter if hit.

New to gardening and need some help?

If you'd like to use a raised bed and have never used a raised bed system before, then we recommend 'Growing Fruit and Veg on a Bed System' by Pauline Pears.

It is full of advice on using dig and no-dig systems. Full details on the use of spacing and layout to control crop size and yields Comprehensive crop-by-crop chart explaining how to grow a wide variety of vegetables on beds Information on mixed planting and intercropping. Colour photographs and diagrams throughout.



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