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Great Gardens in a Small Space with the Polanter

Date Posted: 23 March 2011

We have a lovely new product in stock that will be perfect to get going in the spring.

Polanters  are clever vertical gardens that can be extended to fit any space. ...And if you ever grow plants on walls you will know how quickly they dry out and how tricky they can be to water. 

But the  Polanter Vertical Growing System has an integral watering system that spreads the water evenly through, giving the plants ideal growing conditions.

They can be planted with strawberries, flowers or herbs, with columns of thyme, mints or parsley.  In fact there are dozens of ways to make them sing.  Plus they smell great, attract bees and butterflies, and for small gardens they take up next to no space!

 They come in fabulous colours including Green, Terracotta, White and Lavender. 

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