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Have you ever considered getting a wormery?

Date Posted: 27 January 2009


We sell a range of wormeries in our shop, starting with the 'Beginers Big Box of Worms' a simple plastic wormery that is ideal for children to start worming with.

This same wormery can also be used as a 'Pet Poo Loo' - an environmentaly freindly way of disposing of your dog poo!

For the more adventurous, we have the 'WasteBuster' range of wooden wormeries, that are are available with a viewing window, so that you can keep an eye on your wiggly friends. These wormeries work on the 'constant flow' principle - your food waste goes in at the top and wonderful worm compost comes out at the bottom.

If you are considering getting are wormery and are not sure what's involved, we have a very active Worm Forum. It has wormers from all round the world, who will happliy answer any questions you might have and are always happy to give advice. There are over 7000 posts for you to search through on the Forum, which also also covers composting and organic gardening.

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