Gardening with Children

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Ideas to encourage kids to grow their own!

Date Posted: 10 January 2012

The health of our children is a hot topic.  A growing obesity rate, lack of physical exercise and a poor diet are commonplace.

A really easy way to get kids out into the fresh air, exercising and eating fresh fruit and vegetables is by getting them interested in how things grow and how waste gets broken down.

Kids eat anything they've grown themselves.  Wouldn't it be a pleasure to see them tucking into plates of home-grown vegetables, having built up an appetite working in the grden?  Better than a burget in front of the box!

Our fabulous range of Raised Beds and Allotment Plots are so easy to assemble.  Some even come with a wigwam to support the climbing plants as well as a selection of easy to grow vegetable seeds (which are also available separately).

Most of the vegetable varieties included with our raised beds and allotment plots can be eaten raw, such as peas, beans, etc., so they're ideal for children who like nothing more than tucking into peas straight from the pod.

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