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New Product Launch - Wooden Cold Frames

Date Posted: 02 January 2009

A cold frame really comes into its own during the early spring as it’s a great way of extending the growing season and getting crops to grow indoors or on a windowsill, then hardened off outdoors. Then as the weather warms and the plants acclimatise they can gradually be transplanted outside.

As spring progresses, seedlings can be started off in the cold frame many weeks before they would germinate naturally outside.

We have recently designed our very own Wooden Cold Frame.  It is suitable to be used anywhere and has the added benefit that it can be positioned alongside any of our Wooden Compost Bins. That way, the heat generated by the compost can help to warm the cold frame!

When choosing a location for a cold frame it's best to find somewhere south facing if possible, with some shelter from a wall, such as a fence or hedge to the north. This gives some protection from the more extreme weather.

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