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Our top Christmas Gift ideas for Young Gardeners and Nature Lovers

Date Posted: 01 January 2014

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are counting down the days, if you are looking for a present that is just that little bit different have a look at our selection of gifts that will delight your children and benefit our wildlife too.


For Young Gardeners

These ‘handy’ garden essentials are strong, study and built to last
Sneeboer Child's Hand Fork
Sneeboer Child's Hand Trowel
Perfect mini replicas just like mum and dads that will do the job just as well
Sneeboer Child's Garden Fork
Sneeboer Children's Mattock
Sneeboer Child's Garden Rake
A perfect standing height ‘garden’ for vegetables and flowers
Kids Standing Raised Bed Growing Table
Great for containing those messy gardening jobs
Potting Tray With Removeable Shelf
Ideal Starter propagator for the windowsill in a choice of fun colours
Mini Propagator Seed Growing Kit
A medium windowsill propagator for the young enthusiast
Kitchen Garden Propagator Set
Flower Press Large or Small
Preserve and display the flowers that you have grown
Wooden Flower Press
Learn all about compost with Pee Wee the worm
Pee Wee's Family in a Nutshell
Pee Wee's Great Adventure
Filled with lots of simple gardening projects and delicious recipes for children
Grow It Eat It
To protect and keep your young plants warm
Nursery Garden Cold Frame - Plant Protection
A sturdy mini ‘garden’ that will fit on the patio
My Nursery Raised Bed with Legs
Does everything as an adult compost bin does
My Real Nursery Garden Compost Bin with Lid

Stocking fillers

To attract Bumble Bees, Pollinating Bees and Butterflies to your garden,
each pack comes complete with its own guide
Attractor Pack - Bumble Bees
Make your own pots using newspaper
Paper Potter
Transform an empty plastic bottle into a sprayer
Recycled Adjustable Bottle Sprayer
Measure the rainfall in your garden
Rain Gauge with Wire Holder
For creating lump free soil, great in the sand pit too
Plastic Soil Sieve

For Nature Lovers

Contains everything you need to make your very own nest box for the birds
Build Your Own Nest Box
A fun kit to make your own bird cakes
Me & My Birds Wild Bird Feed Making Kit
Provide a home for our best loved garden creature the hedgehog
The Hogitat Hedgehog House
A snug retreat for your garden frogs and toads
Frogitat - Ceramic Frog and Toad House
Attract, view and identify your garden insects
Solar Insect Theatre
Position around your garden to provide homes for LadybirdsBeneficial Bugs and
Mini Bug Bug Box
Provides a feeding station and habitat for roosting and hibernating
Butterfly and Moth Feeder
Provides a warm roost for our endangered bats
Double Chamber Wooden Bat Box

Stocking fillers

Mini bird feeders or water dishes in fun colours, position near your window and watch
the birds
CJ Wildlife Fiesta Hanging Ceramic Water Drinker Dish
CJ Wildlife Fiesta Hanging Ceramic Bird Feeder
Provide much needed extra food for our garden insects
Butterfly/Bee Nectar Feeding Station
A safe and easy way to catch and study insects without harming them
Catcha Bug - Spider & Insect Catcher
Feed the hedgehogs and learn all about their life

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

Hedgehog Food

Field Guide to Hedgehogs


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