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If you talk to any keen gardener you will quickly find out that it is more than likely that they first did some gardening when they were very small, just by brushing the path, wearing the wellies and watering the plants. What fun it all was! This develops a passion for the garden that can last a lifetime.

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Many gardeners started gardening with Grandparents. We hope to stimulate intergenerational activities on this website, even if it's a surrogate Grandparent who is a neighbour with a garden or an allotment. In some families there is a small place that could be dedicated to a child or all of the children which they could call their own garden. Part of the family learning process can be setting up a worm farm to recycle all those vegetable scraps. Look inside for ideas the possibilities are endless.

Kids will eat anything they have grown themselves. Sheer pride lends a flavour never to be forgotten. It's the same with cooking. Cook and eat healthy! The joy it gives to a child along with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Sharing the experience brings happy moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Family Zone will help to stimulate your ideas to promote this interest in children to Love your Garden, Love Your Environment. You will find things to do in the garden and on the allotment. Something to prepare on a rainy day, helpful fact sheets, suitable equipment, competitions with good prizes and Ask an Expert. Please share these good moments with us.

Love your Gardening! Love your family!

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