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Cold, wet and windy weather makes gardening outside virtually impossible, even though the days are getting longer Spring still seems a long time off.

Whilst the garden is out of action now is the ideal time to start planning for the year ahead, one of the first jobs is to sort through your seeds, order new ones and make sure that you have everything ready for the next few months when you start to sow them.

Propagator is essential if you want to get your seeds started earlier and to ensure a good germination rate, they provide the correct temperature and humidity for your seeds, plants and cuttings to grow, to get your gardening year off to a good start why not enter our competition for a chance to win a propagator for your school.

What you need to do

Work out the answers to the following questions using the list below.

A  Potato     B  Pumpkin      C  Broccoli     D  Carrot     E  Peas     F  Apple

G  Tomato     H  Beanstalk

Who am I?

1. I am a long orange root that grows underground, rabbits like to eat me.

2. We are red, juicy and have seeds inside, we are often eaten in a salad or used in Pasta Sauce or Ketchup.

3. I can be made into chips or mash and am eaten with most meals.

4. Jack famously climbed up me to find the magic harp and the hen that laid golden eggs.

5. I am round and orange in colour when ripe, at Halloween I am carved into a lantern.

6. We are small, sweet and round; we grow together in a pod and can be eaten raw or cooked.

7. We are a member of the cabbage family although you eat our flowers not our leaves we are either green or purple.

8. We grow on trees and can be eaten raw or cooked, our well-known varieties include Golden Delicious and Bramley.

What you can win

 A Stewart Essential Heated Propagator 52cm

And a selection of trays, small pots and labels.

How to enter

Fill in your answers on the entry form below and send to or by post to Gardening with Children School Competition, Gardening Works, Unit 1, Bee Mill, Ribchester, Preston PR3 3XJ by the closing date of Friday 31st March 2017.


Downloadable Documents

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